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Education, Employment Programs and Training Services

The Northern Territory Government's Department of Education, Trade Business and Innovation, Commissioner for Public Employment and, Corporate and Information Services provide many programs and services for young Territorians to assist them in their education and to help them obtain employment; some of these include:

  • Alternative Education programs (for students who don’t participate in mainstream education)
  • Students with Special Needs
  • Training for Remote Youth program
  • Indigenous Education
  • School Counselling (middle and senior secondary schools)
  • Australian Apprenticeships
  • Indigenous Cadet Program

If you wish to find out more about these and other program, visit their individual websites listed below.

Department of Trade, Business and Innovation

The Department of Trade, Business and Innovation (DTBI) provides many programs and services for young Territorians; some of these include:

  • Careers Expo
  • Vocational Employment and Training (VET)
  • WorldSkills NT
  • NT Vocational Training Awards
  • Indigenous Training Programs
  • Pre-Employment/Trade Training
  • Workwear/Workgear Bonus Scheme

Find out more about these and other programs and, services provided by going to DTBI's Website.


Are you interested in undertaking further study, but need some financial assistance? A scholarship may be the answer!

There is a range of scholarships available to assist young Territorians to participate in further study. If you would like to find out more about some of the assistance available, check out the following websites:

Northern Territory Government Higher Education Scholarships - Scholarships worth $5,000 per year are available to eligible Northern Territory (NT) Year 12 school leavers to undertake full-time degree studies

Charles Darwin University - Remember, there are lots more scholarships out there for study outside of the NT so ask your student counsellor at school or uni to help you. Here's some to get you started!

Indigenous student scholarships - scholarships are awarded annually to young Indigenous people for studies in any field.

Rural Health - There are a range of scholarships to help people from rural and remote areas to study for careers in medicine, nursing or pharmacy.

Royal College of Nursing, the Australian Government - Under the Royal College of Nursing there are a number of scholarships and grants available.

Rural and Remote Health Professionals Scholarships Scheme - Financial scholarships are available to qualified health professionals, including Aboriginal Health Workers, to assist in undertaking a range of continuing professional education activities.

Yulari - is giving Indigenous children from remote communities full boarding scholarships at the highest achieving secondary schools.

Youth Off The Streets - supports young people who have a genuine desire to move forward but face significant financial and personal barriers which make their everyday goals a struggle.

Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment and Department of Corporate and Information Services

Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment (OCPE) and the Department of Corporate and Information Services (DCIS) coordinate a number of programs that are designed to assist in the recruitment and retention of new trainees/apprentices, graduates, Indigenous people and people with intellectual disabilities.

Many of these programs are targeted at young people and include:

  • Indigenous Cadetship Support Program
  • Traineeship and Indigenous Traineeship Programs
  • Graduate Development Program
  • Vacation Employment for University Students
  • Entry Level Recruitment Program
  • OCPE/Project Employment Program for people with intellectual disabilities

To find out more about these programs visit the OCPE Website and DCIS Website or email or

Department of Treasury and Finance

The Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) has a number of opportunities for you to gain employment or work experience within the Northern Territory Government. These include:

  • Graduate Development Program
  • Vacation Employment for University Students
  • Entry Level Recruitment Program

You can find out more information on these opportunities by visiting DTF's Website.

Department of the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory

The Parliamentary Relations and Education Unit supports the Legislative Assembly in the promotion of Parliament to the youth, particularly to schools, and also to the general public. The Parliamentary Relations and Education Unit assists with enquiries and develops resources on the history of Parliament in the Northern Territory and how the Parliamentary process works.

The unit is also responsible for the provision of services and support to promote community awareness of the constitutional role and significance of the parliament.

Guided tours for schools, community groups and the general public are conducted by the Parliamentary Relations and Education Unit as well as forums and role plays. To find out more about programs and services provided by the Parliamentary Relations and Education Unit, visit the LANT Website.

Beanbag Net Centre at Casuarina

Internet access and computer skills have become so important to young people's education and employment prospects.

The establishment of a Beanbag Net Centre at the Australian Red Cross Youth Recreation Centre, The SHAK at Casuarina, is part of a national initiative of the Inspire Foundation that aims to ensure all young Australians have easy and free access to the Internet and associated technologies.

Australian Apprenticeships Centre

If you’re leaving school soon or thinking about your career, have you considered doing an Australian Apprenticeship? Apprenticeships can be full–time, part–time or school based and are a great way to combine training with paid work.

There are hundreds of qualifications to choose from, including traditional trades like Construction, Electrotechnology, Plumbing and Hairdressing as well as loads of interesting others like Sport and Recreation, Graphic Arts, Floristry and Multimedia.

For more information contact Australian Apprenticeships NT on 1300 137 130.

Advice about Employment Related Issues

For a list of resources and service providers who can give you information and advice about your employment including your safety, how you are treated at work, your pay and legal advice visit the OCPE Website.

Clontarf Program

The Clontarf aim is to help improve the health, employment, education and life skills of Australia’s teenaged male Indigenous population.

The Foundation believes that failure to experience achievement when young, coupled with a position of under privilege can lead to alienation, anger and thence to more serious consequences. As a prelude to tackling these and other issues, participants are first provided with an opportunity to succeed and hence to raise their self esteem. The vehicle for achieving this outcome is Australian Rules Football.

For more information on the Clontarf Program click here.

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