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The Office of Youth Affairs (OYA)

This website includes information about programs coordinated by this office and how young Territorians can get involved in activities across the Northern Territory.

OYA helps young Territorians keep informed and actively involved in making things happen in their community.

OYA's key programs are Youth Engagement Grants, the Northern Territory Youth Round Table (Round Table), Northern Territory Youth Week (NTYW), Youth Policy and Regional Youth Services.

NT Youth Week

NTYW Ambassador 2022

Northern Territory Youth Week (or NTYW) is an annual celebration of young people across the Territory and features a range of fun and exciting activities from the 4-14 April 2022.

More info on Youth Week

NT Youth Round Table

The Northern Territory Youth Round Table (Round Table) is a direct communication avenue between young Territorians and the Northern Territory Government.

More info on Youth Round Table

NT Youth Grants

Do you need funding for an innovative event, program or project that engages young Territorians aged 12 to 25 years? If so, the Office of Youth Affairs may be able to help make your idea happen!

More info on Youth Grants

The Office of Youth Affairs (OYA)

The Office of Youth Affairs is located in the Department of Territory Families, Housing and Communities. The office provides a whole-of-government approach to policy priorities for young people aged 12 to 25 years and develops effective communication links between young people, Government and the wider community.

The office supports initiatives that improve young Territorians’ personal wellbeing, promotes their positive achievements and assists them to reach their goals. In addition, the office supports events and activities that provide positive recreational and developmental opportunities for young Territorians.

Guiding Principles

The Office of Youth Affairs believes that the following principles should underpin any program or service that is developed for young Territorians:

  • Respect
  • Diversity
  • Access
  • Empowerment
  • Equity
  • Co-ordination
  • Our Programs and Services

Programs the Office of Youth Affairs coordinates:

  • NT Youth Week
  • Sponsorship of Awards
  • Youth Engagement Grants Program
  • Northern Territory Youth Round Table
  • Youth Policy and Regional Youth Services Co-ordination

Our Clients and Stakeholders

Our main clients and stakeholders include:

  • Young Territorians
  • Minister for Youth
  • Northern Territory Public Sector agencies
  • Non-government organisations, including the youth sector
  • The media; and
  • The wider community, including the private sector and individuals that have an interest in the services we provide.

What you need to know about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

There have been lots of changes to how we work, travel and interact with one another that have been made to help protect you, your friends and family, and the community as much as possible from coronavirus or “COVID-19”.

We now have rules handed down by the Australian and Northern Territory Governments about social distancing and border controls that have meant many events have been cancelled and travel has been banned. There’s a good chance these changes have already affected you in your daily life.

All these strategies are designed to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 so you and other Australians are safe and healthy.

The dedicated Northern Territory Government coronavirus website should be the first place you go to get information, including details of how the changes will affect you. You can also call the national coronavirus hotline on 1800 020 080.

If the topic of COVID-19 has you or your friends feeling stressed, overwhelmed or worried please check out these following resources:

If you ever feel unable to cope because of overwhelming or intense emotion, ask for help straight away.

National 24/7 Crisis Lines
Additional youth support services

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We know that most people like to go straight to the source, so if you’d like to know more about the Office of Youth Affairs you can contact us in any of the following ways: