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Sexual Health

Safe, healthy sex is more than just using condoms. It is about feeling OK with who you are. There is the relationship stuff, the emotional stuff and then there is the physical stuff.

Clinic 34 - the NT's Sexual Health Clinic
Do you need help or want to find out more about sexual health? Well, Clinic 34 can help you!! Clinic 34 provides a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL service that specialises in providing assistance on all sexual health issues including information, testing and treatment for all sexually transmitted infections (STIs, sometimes called STDs which stands for sexually transmitted diseases) including HIV.

Clinic 34 services include:

Information on all sexually transmitted infections(STIs)
Free testing and treatment for STIs including HIV
Needle and Syringe Program services (access to clean injecting equipment)
Counselling and specialist treatment for people affected by HIV
Referral services as needed
*STIs are sexually transmissible infections and are passed on from having sexual intercourse (and oral sex) without condoms.

Darwin (08) 8999 2678

Katherine (08) 8973 9049

Alice Springs (08) 8951 7549

Tennant Creek (08) 8962 4250


Clinic 34 has also prepared some statistics on what STIs affect young Territorians. These tell a story...... Click here to find out more.

If you are affected by drugs or are in a relationship with someone who is, there are some ways to protect yourself from infections. Click here to find out more about drugs and safer drug practices.

The Family Planning website is another place you may want to visit to find out more about sexual health issues such as contraception and STI's. Here are the contact details for the Northern Territory.

Darwin (08) 8948 0144

Katherine (08) 8971 3153

Alice Springs (08) 8953 0288

Toll Free 1800 193 121