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Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcohol and Drug Information Service
This support line offers free and confidential counselling, information and referral services to anyone concerned about an alcohol or drug related issue. This service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. It's there to help you decide what to do. Call the free call number before it's too late: 1800 131 350.

Useful Phone Numbers for Services in the NT
Don't forget that 1800 numbers are free for country callers! For information, counselling on any alcohol and other drug issues

Alcohol and Other Drug Services: (08) 8922 8399
Amity Community Services: (08) 8981 8030 or 1800 629 683
Banyan House: (08) 8947 0832
Quitline: 131 848
Central Australian Alcohol & Other Drug Services: (08) 8951 7580
DASA: (08) 8952 8412

NT AIDS and Hepatitis Council
The Northern Territory AIDS and Hepatitis Council is a community organisation with a commitment or providing opportunities for the community to participate in the decision making and delivery of its services.

The Council offers blood borne virus education to community organisations, Government, schools and workplaces in Darwin, Alice Springs and surrounding areas.

A new education based program is now available that aims to provide young people with accurate and up-to-date information about drugs and safer drug practices.

The Youth Amphetamine Information Project (YAIP) holds training workshops for people who are interested in gaining information about amphetamines, blood borne viruses, safer injecting, overdose management and other drug related topics. The aim of the project is to provide correct information that can be passed on to others through peer networks.

Contact Details:

Darwin: (08) 8941 1711 or Alice Springs: (08) 8953 3172

Get Informed!

Are they really worth all the trouble? Find out what you're risking...

Drug Arm - This website includes heaps of education, prevention, counselling, outreach and research information.

Oxygen - Everything you need to know about smoking, from how it affects your body to information about the tobacco industry. A funky website with multimedia and interactive aspects.

The Australian Drug Foundation - The Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation working to prevent and reduce alcohol and drug problems in the Australian community.

The Australian Drug Information Network (ADIN) - This website provides up-to-date, quality-assured information about drugs and alcohol and Drug Services across Australia. ADIN is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing, as part of the Commonwealth Government National Illicit Drug Strategy. The website is managed by the Australian Drug Foundation.

The Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) - This is the principal advisory body to the Commonwealth Government on drug policy and plays a critical role in ensuring the voice of the community is heard in relation to drug related policies and strategies. To find out more about ANCD and their work, check out their website.

Western Sydney Drug and Alcohol Resource Centre - Provides information on the safe use of alcohol.

If you're out partying beware of drink spiking ... it could happen to you!